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Trade Yellow Pages

  • Thousands of good-quality suppliers.
  • Selected products information.
  • Buyers can purchase faster and more preciously.

Wenbi Buying Guide

  • Thousands of precious products information.
  • Professional Suppliers.
  • The best buying guide to source products form Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong kong.
  • Grab the latest information
  • Professional products classification.
  • Make inquiry anytime, anywhere.

Global Promoting Expert

  • Private Sourcing Events

    China Import and Export Fair is held twice a year in Spring and Autumn, gathering suppliers and potential buyers. Short the purchasing gap between suppliers and wholesalers in business training meeting. In these occasions, we provide TradeYellow Pages & Wenbi Buying Guide for reference and they become the most effective business assistant in sourcing.

  • Overseas & Taiwan Trade Shows

    We participate in more than a hundred of trade shows not only in Taiwan but also in overseas areas.
    TradeYellow Pages and Wenbi Buying Guide will also be in the show, the buyers can get them easily.

  • Business Associations

    Wenbi Buying Guide is publicized in Taiwan listed companies, international business hotels, traders, business associations and overseas sites that has been built up excellent reputation.

    Wenbi has step in new era that owns more capital, professional technique and service.
    We insist that we improve continually for providing best service and bring more not only profits but business opportunities for our customer.

Decades and Trusted Publisher

Quality Assurance

  • Wenbi has published trade directory from 1975.
  • Most reliable enterprise list and fully detailed company information.

Promoting assurance

  • The information of Trade Shows will be delivered to buyers who are related to the exhibition.
  • Matching potential buyers for you just as what you want.

Continuous improvement

  • From 2000, e-commerce is a trend, and we got more complete channel to promote.
  • Wenbi has owned more capital and resource since Sep, 2010, we will be better and never stop enhancing the business value.

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